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  • HUD
  • United Way of Delaware County
  • City of Muncie Community Development
  • State of Indiana - Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority
  • FEMA
  • Private Donors
  • Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County
  • Corporate Grants and/or gifts

homeless shelter in Muncie

Quick Homelessness Facts

  • In 2007 one third of requests for shelter by homeless families were denied because of a lack of space.
  • 20% of families report that welfare reductions caused their homelessness.
  • 50% of homeless children attend up to three different schools a year.
  • 75% of homeless children perform below grade level in reading.
  • 65% of homeless parents are unemployed.
  • The average annual income of a homeless parent is $8,000 yearly.
  • Over one half of homeless women and children fled violence.
  • 47% of homeless children have anxiety, depression and withdrawal problems.
  • 22% of homeless mothers have asthma ... over 4 times the rate of other women.
  • The average age of a homeless person is 9 years old.