Meet Rodney

Rodney recalls he first learned about Bridges Community Services, Inc. when living in a tent in a friend’s yard. He had been moving from shelter to shelter and yard to yard until a community partner recommended he see if BCS could help him with his housing situation. He initially met with a case manager at BCS. He remembered how nice it felt to have a safe place to sit and simply read the newspaper while having a snack. He is no longer living on the streets. He has a place to call home.

I asked Rodney what he found most helpful while he struggled through his situation:

  • The encouragement, “everyone has hard times but they encouraged me to not give up.”
  • There was communication between agencies that he couldn’t do by himself.
  • He was able to get reconnected with other necessary services. Bridges helped with resources and services.
  • When his situation changed, he had a case manager who could help him to get an accurate evaluation.


Q: What have you noticed about yourself that has changed in the last three years?

“My thinking has changed. I have learned how to change some of my behaviors. I attend Bible Study and I have learned how to push through the hard times and hold on. I am more disciplined. I am more honest with myself and don’t believe lies. Perseverance is important; people give-up too quickly.”

Q: What advice would you give to help other people who find themselves in a homeless situation?

“Reach out and seek resources. There are people who can help. You need to find them for your situation. If you have a disability, addiction, mental illness, no income, reach out to the experts in each area; they are out there. Voc. Rehab was helpful to me. For me, Jesus Christ is key to my recovery. Giving back is important.”

Q: Can you name some goals you have accomplished since you first came to Bridges?

“I am not homeless! I have a place to call home. I am getting my education. I have my GED with honors already and I have been on the Dean’s list at Ivy Tech where I am currently enrolled. I won an entrepreneurship contest. I have been clean since April 2015. I am working in the community. I have a gardening project underway where we take blighted lots and create gardens for the neighborhoods.”

Q: Advice or other comments?

“For organizations that are ‘helping’ the homeless, don’t be demeaning. It is very discouraging. For those people in a rough situation like mine, do not give up. Reach out for help. There are a lot of people and organizations who have helped me in addition to BCS. Avondale United Methodist Church, Narc Anon, my sponsor, Muncie Mission and Christian Ministries just to name a few.”